What is Ghost Pages in SEO?

Ghost Page in SEO

What is Ghost Page in SEO?

A ghost page is a web page created and published on a particular website but not related to the navigation of the website. Thus, it is a page that exists in the search engine but without exist on the website’s navigation, giving the impression of ghost pages in SEO. They are not linked to any website; these pages remain until unpublished. These pages are not directly linked or related to the navigation menu of a website, i.e., they do not have any main page or parent page but still be reached through a particular word in the search engine.

How does Ghost Page Function in SEO?

Let’s find out. These pages are a way or technique to make your website more impactful. You can create a page targeting keywords most frequently used in search engines to make your website appealing to readers and customers. With its help, your website will be one of the first options revealed to users when the targeted words are searched, ranking it high. So, to make your site rank high, creating a ghost page is a must.

You can create these ghost pages in SEO by posting the page without unpublishing it and by keeping the following points in mind:

  • Before creating, check that the page is user-friendly and has the necessary user benefits. Any random page will not give the required impact.
  • Uniquely create the pages and include helpful content for the users.
  • Please avoid using any random words and strictly do not use any repetitive or duplicate words or phrases because the search engine will reject them in such cases.
  • Use words that are relevant to your site.
  • Use the keywords only at necessary places, and do not overload the page with keywords, as it will not increase its value.

what is ghost page in SEO

Effects of Ghost Page on SEO

SEO is a technique for website creators to rank their websites at the top of the SERPs list. This strategy increases the number of visitors to your website by making it readily available and visible on the major search engines. This process is known as organic trafficking. Therefore, SEO helps make your website more quality oriented and ranks them higher, which will attract more visitors. SEO generally uses the following:

  • Research on keywords
  • Creation & optimization of the content
  • Building links
  • Optimization of the technical areas

Search engines rank websites based on the quality and traffic they acquire, calculated using an algorithm technique. Using links of excellent quality and content on your website makes it a standout among the crowd, and as per Google’s algorithm calculation, it gets ranked better. But, sometimes, due to specific reasons, these links in your website get ranked. These links are known as ghost links or link echoes.

Although dead, these links remain in function and impact the algorithm calculation of Google. It means that it will affect the ranking of the website. This situation arises because Google believes these links have value and allow them to exist.

Perfectly use of a ghost page in SEO, you should be the mind following:

Ghost pages also impact the ranking of your website, and so these pages are intentionally created by the website creators to rank their site on top. These pages and links remain on the website, even after being deleted, and the search engines use those pages and links that are relevant and useful and rank the website. So, to improve your ranking, you can create such pages, but keep the following in mind.

  • The page should have valuable and relevant content
  • There should be no duplicate information or content, and
  • Keywords should be used effectively and shouldn’t be overloaded.

Thus, it is clear that the Search Engine Optimization technique is enhanced by using ghost pages and ghost links.

Overall View

The intentional, unpublished deleted pages and links on a website, giving the illusion of a ghostly appearance, can help make your website great and rank it higher by optimizing your search engine. So, new website creators can benefit if done correctly and rank higher.

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