SEO Trends in 2022

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SEO Trends in 2022

8 important SEO strategies to implement in 2022

Search Engine Optimization in short ‘SEO’ is the method of increasing website traffic by organic methods on search engine results. To make the term simpler, SEO is the method of making your website appears top of the search result by optimizing your website content. This is not an easy job since the website should meet certain conditions defined by search engines and this is where SEO trends play a crucial role. Because of competition in an online market, you must want to update your SEO to the latest technologies to improve your SEO ranking. Choose the right company for SEO services that follows the best SEO trends in 2022 so that they can update your SEO trends accordingly to make your website appear top of search results.

Here are 8 important SEO trends to implement in 2022

Trend 1: Consolidation of SERP

The development of many new features in the Search Engine Result has changed the way how search results appear on Google. Features like Zero-click searches, snippets, ad share, and People also ask features have reduced the organic clicks share widely. ‘Zero-click search’ displays your search result directly on the webpage rather than clicking the link to visit the search result page. The above features have made SEO trends tougher.

Trend 2: Increase Influencer Marketing

The increase in influencer marketing is increasing gradually from 2018 to 2019. People are overwhelmed by seeing authentic and trusted reviews shared by their well-known people rather than ads. This has increased the demand for influencer marketing and many digital marketers are investing more in Influencer marketing. It is the time to appoint an influencer who develops more traffic and increases the visibility of your webpage. Investing in the right influencer will create leads, boost brand awareness, and develops your search engine rankings overall.

Trend 3: Give Importance to Keyword Research

People use search engines like Google to find answers to search results. Though the method of using keywords in web pages has been modified, still the base of SEO trends lies in keyword research. How do implement the best keyword research tools? We are one of the best firms offering SEO services using the recent keyword research strategy listed below You can follow the below tips to upgrade your keyword research strategy.

  • Generate a master keyword list using a set of keyword tools Google keyword planner, Ahrefs, UberSuggest, etc.
  • Rather than adding direct keywords to Google and YouTube you can find out commonly searched topics in search engines and add them to Google.

Trend 4: Concentrate on Voice Search Optimization

The Voice Search Optimization method works well only for the contents that rank among the top three in the search results. People mostly ask questions in voice searches. Google searches web pages that have the direct question and while visiting that page, you can find your question with the answer. Thus initiation of voice search improved search results, updated image-based search results, and delivered rich knowledge panels and snippets. You must develop a new set of marketing strategies to appear on your web page in a huge number of search results.

Trend 5: Mobile SEO Will Optimize Your Rankings

An increase in smartphone users increases the mobile search of your website rather than using the desktop. Since most people are searching the data on smartphones, focusing only on desktop optimization will no longer help to increase your web page visibility. The mobile-first indexing method in Google allows you to increase ranking and index your website for mobile content. You must develop mobile-friendly content for your website to boost your ranking.

Trend 6: Focus on BERT in Terms of User Search

With the introduction of the Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) algorithm by Google, most SEO professionals started concentrating on the BERT algorithm. Instead of that, focus on content delivery and user-focused optimization process. Review how search is indexed and provided in Google among various search options. Since people got different search options than before, it is essential for SEO professionals to pay attention to the basics of clean architecture and content delivery. Implementation of BERT and snippets algorithm has great progress in Google’s rankings generating the intent matching to user search rather than string matching. Search results with intent matching display the content, and what the audience really wants to know from the search engine.

Trend 7: Optimize Video Content For Your SEO

The popularity of video content on the internet is growing aggressively on the internet. Now, most people spend time on online videos instead of watching videos on television. Content in online videos ranges from academics, health, business, lifestyle, entertainment, and much more to serve the need of online users. For this reason, incorporating online videos for your business is crucial to attracting more target audiences. Rather than viewing images and texts, watching videos about their preferred products and services help them to learn more about them. So implementing videos as one of the SEO trends improves user engagement greatly.

Tips to Improve SEO Ranking Using Videos:

  • Upload the videos on various websites.
  • Add an interesting thumbnail image to impress users to click on the link to visit your page for watching videos.
  • Include appropriate schema tags that allow your video content to appear in search results and improve the rankings.
  • Include captions and transcripts for all your videos.

Trend 8: Content is a Crucial SEO Strategy

Uploading high-quality content to your website is an important SEO strategy for your business. You need to develop useful, relevant, and engaging content. Your content must deliver answers to people’s searches on Google. Create quality and informative content to increase the popularity of your website. Ensure to write the best content for your business that displays your web page well in search results for long-tail searches. In 2022, it is the right time to upload good localization of content in all forms like videos, infographics, blog posts, etc. WingsofSEO is an SEO firm that offers the best SEO services that use the latest SEO trends to boost the ranking of your website.


Whatever may be the industry, SEO is an important factor to consider in today’s business scenario. It not only refers to keyword use but also involves optimizing your content for the audience. Are you already familiar with the above SEO trends? If yes, then it is the perfect time to strengthen these strategies to improve traffic on Google. Do you have any doubts and need help with SEO services? Then talk to our SEO professionals today.

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