What is doorway pages in SEO?

Doorway pages in SEO

Doorway page in SEO: A detailed guide

Marketers try different things in SEO to make their page ranking at the top of search engines. However, you might have heard about Doorway Page in SEO, which creates specific search queries. We create different pages to rank a particular keyword, but a doorway page in SEO creates a specific query and doesn’t build for users.

What is a Doorway Page in SEO?

Doorway pages are created to increase the traffic on a website for particular phrases while sending visitors to another page. Well, Google understands these things very well, and somewhere it is also considered a part of Black Hat SEO. A Doorway Page redirects to another page very quickly, so users can benefit from it. But first, let us know about the examples of the Doorway Page.

Examples of doorway pages

If you want to understand the examples of Doorway Pages, then Google has explained them very briefly.

  • If you are creating multiple domain names, subdomains, or websites to increase the footprint of a particular keyphrase, then it comes under the category of a doorway page. These are mainly created to target specific search phrases in specific regions or cities.
  • Creating multiple pages for a single page to target them specifically. If your blog is Best Food Item for Dogs, you can create various pages with some keyword variations and target them authentically.
  • Pages that are solely created closer to search results come under that category.


  1. Doorway pages: www.examples.in/web-design-company-london
  2. Doorway pages: www.examples.in/web-design-company-dubai
  3. Doorway pages: www.examples.in/web-design-company-sydney
  4. Doorway pages: www.examples.in/web-design-company-newyork

Doorway pages with examples

How do doorway pages affect SEO?

Doorway Pages may affect the whole ranking of SEO, but the search engines don’t like Doorway Pages because it is used just for backlinks, not real humans. Doorway Pages redirect users to another page rather than providing valuable content or information. It is considered spam because the users will be redirected to another page they haven’t seen. But these pages can also make a negative impact on your website.

Poor user experience

Doorway pages add no value to the users because users redirect to a page without intention. It may create confusion or frustration for the users, making it a bad experience.

Hurt search engine ranking

Generally, it is used to improve search engine ranking. Still, when Google recognizes your activity, it will penalize you or can also remove the indexing entirely because Google always wants users to get the relevant content only.

Against google guidelines

As per Google guidelines, it is believed that doorway pages are low-quality pages that don’t add value to the content. That’s why you need to start working on improving the quality of pages, or else you may need to face the consequences.

Conclusion of doorway pages in SEO

Doorway Pages are a part of SEO strategy, but it is an illegal way to get traffic on your website. If Google recognizes your activity, you will be penalized from the search engine ranking. So always consider relevant SEO strategies to improve the authority of the website.

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