What is topical authority in SEO?

Topical authority in SEO

Topical authority in SEO: A Detailed Guide

Topical Authority is not any kind of silver bullet, in the world of SEO, this can be achieved by anyone willing to write content about absolutely within a topic. Let us learn more about topical authority in terms of SEO.

What is the topical authority in SEO?

In SEO, topical authority refers to the concept where a website aims to become the go-to authority on one or more topics. This concept of building topical authority is about helping search engines understand the website’s topic so that it can help rank more easily for related keywords.

Why is topical authority important for SEO?

A topical authority is essential for SEO, as we all know Google as the search engine works in a semantic manner which means it needs to be associated with the topic of the website to rank it in a relevant manner.

In some situations when you create content pieces around the same subject and interlink them, your topical authority in the eyes of Google increases, which means that you are knowledgeable about the authority of the topic and trusted resources. When you create a lot of content about a certain topic, it will allow more relevant internal links which allows users and Google to find more content which makes it easy to create more natural backlinks.

Topical authority in SEO

How to build topical authority in four steps?

To build topical authority for your SEO website, you need to follow certain steps mentioned below: Do keyword research to find relevant points within a topic. Organize data into topic clusters and produce content that meets the intent of topic keywords Building those external and internal links to your content.

1. Do topic-based keyword research

To build topical authority, the main thing is keyword research you need to do. Identifying the topic of interest is the beginning of most SEO projects and to be considered “building authority” by Google, you need to write about all the topics. You can further use Google’s Knowledge Graph to pick up seed keywords. Once you have selected that it’s now time to expand the list.

2. Creating a list of topics

In the scenario of topical authority for the same subject linked to your keyword, you need to organize your list in clusters based on search intention, which considers the potential of the traffic. Your topics should have good traffic potential, and the pages should have enough content in such a manner that they can be used as stand-alone articles then you can link between your pages which will build a good relationship between those URLs telling the pages are related topically.

3. Write authority content

Topical authority can be done by creating some amazing and in-depth content where you need to focus on the main pillar content pieces for the services or the product you are writing about. Instead of writing those topics in general, you need to be more specific which means you need to use those amazing long tail keywords by creating quality content, covering each topic and subtopics, and internally linking to different relevant topics which will make your work easier for topical authority.

4. Build relevant links

When it comes to relevant link building for topical authority, you just need to make sure the websites that you link are relevant. If you run any blog or website, being relevant is one of the keys. You can create a go-to resource on the topic known as the skyscraper technique or use the method of guest blogging for creating useful content for topically related websites.


Topical Authority can be a powerful tool for ranking, it does not fix all your SEO needs which requires a lot of work but if you are targeting your audience and aligning your keywords with products or services. You can easily get topical authority.

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